We offer both English and Western lessons for all ages and experience levels in a warm, family friendly environment.  Utilizing natural horsemanship techniques, riders learn all aspects of horse care, behavior and riding skills.  Instruction for beginners focuses on safety and establishing a balanced seat.  Upper levels of riders are encouraged to learn proper use of body language and cues / pressure to effectively communicate with their equine partner.


Our lesson program provides 1 lesson per week, up to 4 per month. Monthly fee for level 1 riders (beginners) is $200 and students are with the instructor for 60 minutes. Instruction includes haltering, safely leading/handling on the ground, grooming, tacking, overall care as well as riding. As students first begin, they will receive approximately 10 minutes of riding time and that will quickly increase as they become more proficient. Riders in level 1 can work their way up to 35 minutes of ride time per lesson as they build stamina in the saddle. When a student is proficient enough to handle, groom properly, and tack on their own, they move up to level 2.


Level 2 riders come to the arena all ready prepared to ride. Lesson times booked at level 2 or higher are “ready to ride by” times, meaning the student must arrive in advance with enough time to gather and prepare the horse for the lesson on their own. Riders receive instruction for 45 minutes. Pricing decreases to $180 per month. We offer lessons Monday and Friday between 1:30 – 8pm and Wednesday between 1:30 – 6:30 pm. Once you have begun, lesson booking is Online and you are able to book up to 14 days in advance. Monthly fees are billed automatically the same day each month. The structure affords you the flexibility of 4 weeks off during the year for vacation/sickness, etc. Additional packages are available if student is riding more than once per week.